Who and What is MOBI?

The MOBI brand is derived from the “mobius strip”, where you have a flat piece of ribbon, twist it and reconnect it. What you have is a non-orientable, amorphous, always changing and endless structure. This is consistent with the mantra of the MOBI brand, to be always changing, always morphing and to have endless and limitless ideas. Meet MOBI.

It is in MOBI’s DNA to create something great out of something good; to have endless solutions and limitless ideas.

MOBI is a young, creative and forward thinking company. MOBI offers not only its own MOBI branded products but OEM and ODM services as well to help you build your own brand.

MOBI prides itself in the products it creates.

MOBI… inspired by you.

What to Expect from MOBI

Our team of designers have an accumulated 80+ years worth of experience. All that experience with a passion for the kitchen makes for a solid foundation. We create serious tools for serious cooks as well as “fun” products for the rest of us. One thing for sure, we take our work seriously. Whether designing a serious tool or a novelty gadget, we takes the exactly same steps to create the final product.

Ideation  •  Design  •  Creation  •  Innovation